AOC external display available for sale at $129.99



Back when AOC had shown off its first portable LCD monitor, we really thought this particular segment would grow significantly. However, as you can see, we still don’t have many options when it comes to such devices. It took AOC almost two years to release a successor of the same and today, the company showed off the next version of its USB powered monitor, the e1659Fwu AOC external display.

The new display sports several improvements over the earlier version. The monitor is much thinner, works on the fast USB 3.0 connection and sports a smart folding stand which allows you to place it horizontally or vertically according to your need. Installing the monitor is as easy as ever. You just have to plug it into a USB port and the monitor instantly lights up.

The 15.6inch screen can be used for practically any purpose, may it be as an extra monitor for your presentation or as an extra screen for designing. Moreover, its portable nature makes it even more handy to carry it around wherever you go. If you are in need of an external monitor, this just might be the one for you. The USB powered AOC e1659Fwu portable display is currently available for sale on Amazon for $129.99.

Source: Technabob


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