Sony α3000 is a hybrid point-and-shoot camera


Sony just unveiled a DSLR style point and shoot camera called the Sony α3000. When you look at the camera, its quite likely that you’ll mistake it for a DSLR, however, don’t worry, the α3000 is just an extraordinary point and shoot camera with the quality and the looks of a DSLR. The α3000 comes with a large 20.1MP EXMOR image sensor which allows more light into the camera producing excellent quality pictures with minimal noise.

It uses E-mount interchangeable lens system so you can choose from any of the 18 E-Mount interchangeable lenses from Sony and Carl Zeiss. You also get an electronic viewfinder along with an improved grip to shoot better pictures. The camera is capable of recording Full HD 1080p videos at 50i or at 24p. Editing options include 15 photo effects like Retro Photo, Miniature and Partial Color.

You also have the option of adding new accessories to the camera like flashes, stereo headphones for better audio quality etc via its Multi Interface Shoe™. Indeed, Sony α3000 is one of those few cameras in the market which takes in the positives of DSLR as well as point and shoot cameras. The device will be available for sale starting September for around $400.

Source: Sony


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