Orb Mod1x speaker, subOne, and subMini subwoofers announced


To mark the company’s 10 year anniversary, Orb Audio has announced new range of speakers in the market including the refreshed Mod1X speakers. The newly announced speaker range consist of Mod1X, Mod2X and Mod4X speakers along with two subwoofers namely SubOne and SubMini. First one up is their new speaker system.

All the three models come with a new aluminum driver which can handle high power and has an improved mid range and high frequency audio performance. These speakers are modular too meaning you can anytime add in one, two, three or even four such speakers in a single system. They are even durable as they are made from American Carbon Steel. Mod1X, 2X and 3X speakers are available in a variety of colors like Metallic Black and Pearl White powder coated finishes, Hammered Earth finish, Hand Antiqued Copper finish etc

Coming to the Subwoofer range, we have SubOne and SubMini. SubOne comes with a 200 watt amplifier which delivers low bass performance and accuracy. The subwoofer also has a voltage sensing technology along with anti-clipping and thermal overload circuits.

The SubMini is much smaller (9 inch) than the 12 inch SubOne and is good for customers looking for a tiny woofer to fill in a small space. It features a 100 watt amplifier and comes with a dual port design which gives you the best balance of bass output and volume. These speakers are currently available for sale via their official website and the system will cost you around $890.

Source: Orb

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