Samsung NX300M camera tilts 180-degrees to capture self-portraits


Samsung NX300M tilts 180-degrees to capture self-portraits

Last month, a camera manual was leaked online, showing what appears to be a Samsung NX300M. Interestingly, the manual reveals a refreshed version of the NX300, with the capability to flip the display 180-degrees upwards. Yes, that would make a perfect camera for shooting selfies (again). Do note that the NX300 can only be tilted 90-degrees up, and 45-degrees down. So when Samsung officially announced the NX300M today, we weren’t really surprised.

As expected, the NX300M touts a tiltable 3.31-inch AMOLED display which can stretch up to 180-degrees. You could see that at work in the image from Samsung above. See those ladies holding the NX300M cameras with their freshly-taken photo of them together? Yeah, that’s the NX300M. And Samsung’s planning to sell it to the market at the price of 899,000 won. Translate that to Philippine peso and you’ll fork around 36,000 pesos. That will include a 18-55mm lens kit. Does that sound good? Oh, did we mention that it will arrive in black, white, and brown?

Source: Samsung


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