Oregon Scientific MEEP! X2: The $149 tablet for your kids


Oregon Scientific MEEP! X2: The $149 tablet for your kids

Technology has changed every aspect of our life including the lives of the young ones around us. We are relying more on technology for our day to day needs and, naturally, kids of growing ages get attracted to these gadgets as well. But if you are one of those parents with kids who are always fighting for your tablet, you might be considering buying one for them. Now, our regular tablets are not exactly kid-proof, and that is why we are seeing increasing number of tablets these days made for kids.

The Oregon Scientific MEEP! X2 is one such tablet specifically designed for kiddies who like to play games and watch some cartoons on a tablet. If you compare the specs of the device with other tablets, I am sure you won’t be impressed, however, the tablet is powerful enough to perform whatever your kid commands it to do.

The X2 features an undisclosed dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz with 1GB of RAM onboard. You have a microSD card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth and microUSB port for connectivity. The company has also provided front and rear cameras which produces decent images. The tablet is completely splash proof as well as shock proof, so you don’t have to worry about rough usage. You also get plenty of child-specific features along with parental controls to monitor your child’s online time.

Any child above the age of 6 can use this device, and you can get one of these from Toys R US for a decent price of $150.

Source: Oregon Scientific


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